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LPM 2015 @ LIMINAL #1

LPM participate to LIMINAL, a new cultural project which takes place monthly over three days in the spaces of E.S.C. Atelier, in the district of San Lorenzo.

LIMINAL is conceived to create a free space for cultural experimentation between different performing arts. A meeting place where different languages hybridize. Away from the degeneration of club culture, LIMINAL aims to be a place of sharing, around the most innovative expressions of contemporary electronic music and live video performance.

The program:

h. 18:30 “Direct Experience” – Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue) – talk
h.19: 30 “Seeing Sounds” – Dalila D’amico (Vjit) / creating an image and music composition

h 23:00 – 01:00 Stefano De Mattia (Ipologica)
h 01:00 – 03:00 Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue) – Dj set
h 03:00 – Till the end Fabio Sestili (Ipologica)

h 23:00 – 01:00 Kanaka Project
h 01:00 – 03:00 Vjit3
h 03:00 – Till the end Flxer Team


[Produced by LPMIpologica Recordings and E.S.C. Atelier]

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LPM 2015 @ Urban-map

LPM participates to Urban-map, festival dedicated to the new frontiers of digital art, applied to architecture and urban space.

Urban_map will give a different overview of the urban areas of  Tor Sapienza during the weekend of the spring equinox, with multisensory installations, architectural projection mapping and an exclusive concert on the road.

The artists of the french collective Coin and the musician Nohista will present a unique premiere bringing 256 helium filled balloons that, enlightened by inner led, will dance with the wind to create a wonderful “magical” effect.

The music of Errichetta Underground, well known roman orchestra, will bring their sound from klezmer and Balkan influences in an innovative concert on the road.

On Saturday,  from 19.oo to 23.00, LPM presents the roman collective Neocortex, who will animate the facade of the church of Tor Sapienza  with a mapping projection, by creating an high impact performance and synergy of colors, sounds, lights and images .

Urban_map transform the entire space of the urban complex of Ater Tor Sapienza in an innovative open-space  arena, a place of dialogue between some of the most innovative artistic languages.

Info and program



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LPM 2015 @ 2NCFest. Multipli-cities

LPM participates  2NC-Fest.Multipli-cities, the second edition of the festival focused on multimedia urban narration, funded by Naked City Project in collaboration with Visiva and Linux Italia, which will take place in the spaces of Ex Cartiera Latina (Appio, Rome) on February 27th and 28th.

Photo-screening, multimedia, video art, VJing, performance, digital maps, crowdmapping, web-doc and seminars explore and tell the urban reality in constant and uncertain mutation.  (read more) 

The festival avails the prestigious partnership with ATAC, Open House Roma, FACE Magazine, Cedrap, Prospekt Photographers, Linux and LPM. Is also under the patronage of Roma Capitale- Assessorato alla Cultura, Creatività e Promozione Artistica e Turismo- Dipartimento Cultura Servizio Spettacoli ed Eventi.

LPM will attend the two days as follows:
Friday 27th h. 21.00: Muro cieco, coreography for video and dance with Nikky & Fabio Ciccalè
Saturday 28th from 24.00: Live visual Vector vs Bitmap, with FLxER Team

Info and full program

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LPM 2015 @ PiùVolume

LPM attends the first edition of PiùVolume , the physical place of a virtual square that amplifies the aspirations, passions, creativity.

Founded by the Association Bluecheese Project active since 2000, this digital platform consists of the connection between popular social network and communicates with the creatives of the territory of Rome. Music, video and photography becomes a way of find a new overlook, to discover and build something good together.

PiùVolume looks at new and original productions, the site is a wall that provides an overview of current activities in different dedicated social pages, where creative people of Rome share their artistic projects.

PiùVolume periodically launch a”Call”, which became basically an event. These days will be the result of all the activities shared on the web: an opportunity to build synergies, know and recognize.  Music, video, photography, these are the three categories protagonists of the two evenings of 27 and 28 February at Città dell’ Altra Economia in Rome (Testaccio).

The CALL for the first event PiùVolume is now OPEN! 

Participate! The theme of the video challenge is ” My favourite place in Rome”. You have to post a video of max 3 min in the dedicated FB PAGE or send an email to until 20th February 2015.

Until February  20,  your creativity will be in the foreground on all pages of the social platform PiùVolume.

The works shared during the call are voted online by users, then a jury specific for each section (music, video, photo), will decide the finalists who will participate in the exhibitions.

Project partners and members of the jury for the music is Soundreef, the system of management of music most advanced  in Europe, the first real alternative to SIAE company that is revolutionizing the management system of royalties.
For video productions the jury is LPM.
For photography Instagramers Rome, the local collective of Instagramers Italy, a community which now boasts over 150 million users worldwide.

Show us your amazing city of Rome and win! See you at PiùVolume!

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LPM 2015 @ Periferica #artisact

LPM attends the first edition of Periferica #ArtIsActthe interactive and digital arts festival organized by the Fusolab that will take place from 16th to 21th February 2015 at Fusolab 2.0 and in some public spaces of the eastern outskirts of Rome.

Periferica #ArtIsAct aims to build new visions and collective narratives of urban reality by mixing traditional
media and collaborative and interactive tools. The festival aims to be an interface between the territory, the city and the network through hybridization of diverse artistic languages.

Periferica #ArtIsAct is one of the first initiatives in Italy dedicated to interactive and digital art, a type of art that is meaningful only in the presence of active participation of the public: the viewer becomes “spect-actor” and the work
itself does not exist if the viewer remains passive. This concept can be borrowed in concept of the city that takes shape only if people are actively involved in its construction and its development: and it is this very image that suggested us the name of the first edition of the festival, called “Urban Breaths” because it is focused on art as a nourishment for the city.

The festival offers a rich program with over 60 entries in three different areas:
Live performances: electronic music, VJing, live cinema, interactive dance, theater and architectural videomapping;
Interactive experiences: installations, software, hack, net and art games;
Learning Acts: workshops, talks and children workshops.

LPM participates actively the festival, by presenting many different artists performing several activities as:

The Festival will also actively involve the city with an architectural videomapping that will redraw the front of “Centocelle” Metro C station, an interactive game at “Repubblica” Metro A station, an urban installation spread through the streets of the Alessandrino district and a walkshow in the same district.

Periferica #ArtIsAct, realized by the Department of Culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion and Tourism – Shows and Events service of the city of Rome, has a scientific committee featuring Tatiana Bazzichelli, Gianluca del Gobbo, Debora Ferrari, Luca Traini, Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico, Carlo Infante and Martin Romeo, all of them nationally and internationally renowned in the field of digital and interactive art, curators of festivals, founders of international networks such as LPM – Live Performers Meeting and AOS – Art is Open Source, journalists and authors of books on topics related to the festival.

In addition to the rich program of Italian and international artists involved, in order to give visibility to emerging creativity, the Fusolab Association has promoted a call to find a work of a young artist. The work, selected by both the scientific and organizing committee, will be exhibited at the Fusolab 2.0 during the festival.

FULL INFO: venues/hours/cost/contacts

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Tuesday December 2, 2014 from 09:00 to 13:00, Gianluca Del Gobbo ( held a lecture “LIVE VIDEO PERFORMANCES, VIDEO MAPPING & INTERACTION DESIGN” at Sapienza Università di Roma,  Facoltà di Architettura, Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design, Comunicazione Visiva e Multimediale, Corso di Computer Grafica: Prof. Tommaso Empler, Aula G11, Via E. Gianturco 2, Rome Italy.

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LPM 2015 @ TEN • 10 anni di ESC

LPM partecipa a TEN • 10 ANNI DI ESC, due giorni di musica, arte e dibattiti per festeggiare i 10 anni di autogestione di Esc,  storico Atelier Autogestito di Roma presentando una serie di live performance in entrambe le serate, che spaziano dal vjset al mapping, alle performance audio/video.

Dieci anni di ESC: dieci anni di lotte studentesche e metropolitane, di connessioni transnazionali contro il neoliberismo e per la costruzione di nuove istituzioni del comune dentro e contro la crisi del capitalismo globale. In questi anni abbiamo attraversato movimenti, incontrato esperienze di autorganizzazione, costruito spazi meticci e molteplici di conflitto ed organizzazione, abbiamo imparato a reinventarci nell’incontro con esperienze di lotta nello spazio transnazionale, dall’Europa in trasformazione ai movimenti delle Primavere Arabe, dalle piazze greche e spagnole ai movimenti delle Americhe ed oltre.

<<<Venerdì 28 Novembre>>>

h.18.00 Dibattito “Cosa succede in città? Cronache dalla metropoli e nuovi spazi di autogestione”
Apericena @ cura di Enot-ESC

h. 22:00 Økapi + Unz Snu [More *Tv*V] “Opera Riparata – Tributo a Bruno Munari” [performance audio/video]

h. 23:30 Daniele Sciolla – Liveset [electro, IDM, dance, sometimes techno]
h. 00:30 I’am not a blonde (but I’d love to be Blondie) – Live
h. 1:30 Dj Stile [DeepFunk rares grooves]

VISUAL [a cura di LPM]
vj emiko – live set
FLxER Team – live set

MAPPING [a cura di LPM]
Mapping Pinball- FLxER Team
Mapping Circles – Kanaka Project 

<<<Sabato 29 Novembre>>>

h. 17:30 Dibattito “Movimenti transnazionali, processi costituenti e pratiche di lotta ” con Dario Azellini e Marina Sitrin
Apericena @ cura di Enot-ESC

h. 21:30  vj emiko “Exosphere in Entalpia”

h. 22:30 Anudo – the band – Live
h. 00:15 Fabio Sestili – (Ipologica)
h. 1.00 Stefano De Mattia – (Ipologica)
h. 1.45 Leo Anibaldi (Rephlex – Cannibald)
h. 3.15 Back to back dj Set – Tomz.db + Tiburon (Cromedrop Rec.)

VISUAL  [a cura di LPM]
vj emiko – live set
FLxER Team – live set

 JLZ (Cromedrop Rec.)

MAPPING [a cura di LPM]
Mapping Pinball- FLxER Team
Mapping Circles – Kanaka Project 

Fb event:

ESC \ E C C E D I – S O T T R A I – C R E A

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LPM 2015 @ A M E N

LPM participates to the second appointment of A M E N, event promoted by Improvearts,  developed through a series of happenings and coordinated expo related to various forms of contemporary art, bound together by a central theme: the meltin’pot in its various forms.

The theme of this second edition is the erotism of the body, both the human as the artificial one connected to the machines and to the hardware of the 3 live performances proposed , as the one on the analog images of the exhibition by Giangiacomo Pepe.

LPM, after the success during the first edition of Live Cinema Festival, presents Økapi & More*Tv*V [mortivivi] ­ performeing Opera Riparata ­- Tributo a Bruno Munari

Giangiacomo Pepe ­ Personal Expo “NUDE” + Workshop
Økapi & More*Tv*V [mortivivi] ­ Opera Riparata ­ Tributo a Bruno Munari
Blavatsky (Visionary Mind Records) LIFE CYCLE preview
Mess Morize (Elastica Records) YIFE­EP live set
Visual EICHVJ (Improvearts)

FB Event


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LPM 2015 Krakow | PATCHlab 2014

LPM attends the PATCHlab 2014 the international event dedicated to contemporary (post)digital art forms in Krakow.

LPM actively participates to the program by presenting:

PATCHlab GENERATOR: Between Creation and Technology
Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology
Friday 10.10.2014 | 15:35
Presentation of LPM Project.
Presentation of AV Node Project – Gianluca Del Gobbo – a curator of multimedia and perfomative activities | Italy

Forum Przestrzenie
Saturday 11.10.2014 | 21:00
“Transition” Andrea Familari Fax [IT/DE], Giuseppe Bifulco [IT/DE]

PATCHlab is an international event dedicated to contemporary (post)digital art forms. During the event world of science and art meets to focus on new trends and opportunities in digital art created with new means of communication. New technologies, open-source platforms, devices and tools, which are developed and processed by the users, where ‘digitalism’ often co-inherence with ‘analogism’.

PATCHlab is an exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki and Forum Przestrzenie presenting selected interactive installations and audiovisual works created by Polish and foreign artists from fields such as generative art, interactive art, Do-It-Yourself, net-art, video art, sound art, experimental film forms, projektionism, mapping and other often overstepping known disciplines.

PATCHlab GENERATOR is a new special section – international conference entitled “Between Creation and Technology” focused on the designing process in the times of post-digital evolution. In cooperation with Architecture Interior Design of Krakow Fine Art Academy.

PATCHlab is an opened event and invites everyone to participate in the workshops presenting multimedia tools in a broad sense, emerging outside the main trends and as an important element in the hands of contemporary artists. During the workshops, known Polish and foreign artists and lecturers are going to introduce to the participants the possibilities offered by new technologies and show how those can be used in practice.

PATCHlab is also a review of selected international AV performances during a special AV Night in Forum Przestrzenie with an ambitious electronic music with live visuals.

PATCHlab is a member of the international network AV NODE gathering events dedicated to contemporary audiovisual art.

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LPM 2015 @ AMEN

LPM e Flxer Team partecipano al primo appuntamento di AMEN*, il un nuovo concept d’intrattenimento ideato e promosso da Improvearts per gl’innovativi locali dell’artclub di via Assisi 117 (Visiva – La città dell’immagine), Roma, con la performance Lucente Muro, di Nikki (Flxer Team) con Fabio Ciccalè.

AMEN è concerti, installazioni, foto, quadri, videoarte, visuals, performance, live e dj set musicali e si sviluppa attraverso una serie di happening ed expo coordinati che riguardano diverse forme dell’arte contemporanea legati tra loro da un tema portante, il MELTIN’POT, nelle sue diverse declinazioni, siano esse razziali, artistiche, musicali o sociali. Il primo appuntamento è focalizzato sull’ESTETICA MUSICALE DI DERIVAZIONE BLACK, e più in generale sull’hardcore continuum inglese.

Disprove (IT / Improvearts)
Lynch Kingsley (IT / Improvearts / Beat Machine)
Ultrademon (US / Coral Records Internazionale / Rephlex Records /Hyperboloid Records) EXCLUSIVE WEST EUROPEAN GIG
Digi G’alessio (IT / LuckyBeard Rec)

Made On

MURO CIECO feat. NIKKI ( + Fabio Ciccalè
Tecniche di improvvisazione e saturazione mista: dalla forma/movimento alla forma/colore. L’umano e la macchina uniti nella ri-creazione dell’immaginario. Carbonio e silicio senzienti abbracciati in una danza che trasuda sudore e pixel trasformando madri in matrici, memorie in gesti, luce e buio in ritmo.

Aphex Twin #SYRO vinyl listening

Fb Event:

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