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Tuesday December 2, 2014 from 09:00 to 13:00, Gianluca Del Gobbo ( held a lecture “LIVE VIDEO PERFORMANCES, VIDEO MAPPING & INTERACTION DESIGN” at Sapienza Università di Roma,  Facoltà di Architettura, Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design, Comunicazione Visiva e Multimediale, Corso di Computer Grafica: Prof. Tommaso Empler, Aula G11, Via E. Gianturco 2, Rome Italy.

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LPM 2015 Krakow | PATCHlab 2014

LPM attends the PATCHlab 2014 the international event dedicated to contemporary (post)digital art forms in Krakow.

LPM actively participates to the program by presenting:

PATCHlab GENERATOR: Between Creation and Technology
Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology
Friday 10.10.2014 | 15:35
Presentation of LPM Project.
Presentation of AV Node Project – Gianluca Del Gobbo – a curator of multimedia and perfomative activities | Italy

Forum Przestrzenie
Saturday 11.10.2014 | 21:00
“Transition” Andrea Familari Fax [IT/DE], Giuseppe Bifulco [IT/DE]

PATCHlab is an international event dedicated to contemporary (post)digital art forms. During the event world of science and art meets to focus on new trends and opportunities in digital art created with new means of communication. New technologies, open-source platforms, devices and tools, which are developed and processed by the users, where ‘digitalism’ often co-inherence with ‘analogism’.

PATCHlab is an exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki and Forum Przestrzenie presenting selected interactive installations and audiovisual works created by Polish and foreign artists from fields such as generative art, interactive art, Do-It-Yourself, net-art, video art, sound art, experimental film forms, projektionism, mapping and other often overstepping known disciplines.

PATCHlab GENERATOR is a new special section – international conference entitled “Between Creation and Technology” focused on the designing process in the times of post-digital evolution. In cooperation with Architecture Interior Design of Krakow Fine Art Academy.

PATCHlab is an opened event and invites everyone to participate in the workshops presenting multimedia tools in a broad sense, emerging outside the main trends and as an important element in the hands of contemporary artists. During the workshops, known Polish and foreign artists and lecturers are going to introduce to the participants the possibilities offered by new technologies and show how those can be used in practice.

PATCHlab is also a review of selected international AV performances during a special AV Night in Forum Przestrzenie with an ambitious electronic music with live visuals.

PATCHlab is a member of the international network AV NODE gathering events dedicated to contemporary audiovisual art.

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LPM 2015 @ AMEN

LPM e Flxer Team partecipano al primo appuntamento di AMEN*, il un nuovo concept d’intrattenimento ideato e promosso da Improvearts per gl’innovativi locali dell’artclub di via Assisi 117 (Visiva – La città dell’immagine), Roma, con la performance Lucente Muro, di Nikki (Flxer Team) con Fabio Ciccalè.

AMEN è concerti, installazioni, foto, quadri, videoarte, visuals, performance, live e dj set musicali e si sviluppa attraverso una serie di happening ed expo coordinati che riguardano diverse forme dell’arte contemporanea legati tra loro da un tema portante, il MELTIN’POT, nelle sue diverse declinazioni, siano esse razziali, artistiche, musicali o sociali. Il primo appuntamento è focalizzato sull’ESTETICA MUSICALE DI DERIVAZIONE BLACK, e più in generale sull’hardcore continuum inglese.

Disprove (IT / Improvearts)
Lynch Kingsley (IT / Improvearts / Beat Machine)
Ultrademon (US / Coral Records Internazionale / Rephlex Records /Hyperboloid Records) EXCLUSIVE WEST EUROPEAN GIG
Digi G’alessio (IT / LuckyBeard Rec)

Made On

MURO CIECO feat. NIKKI ( + Fabio Ciccalè
Tecniche di improvvisazione e saturazione mista: dalla forma/movimento alla forma/colore. L’umano e la macchina uniti nella ri-creazione dell’immaginario. Carbonio e silicio senzienti abbracciati in una danza che trasuda sudore e pixel trasformando madri in matrici, memorie in gesti, luce e buio in ritmo.

Aphex Twin #SYRO vinyl listening

Fb Event:

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LPM 2015 @ roBOt Festival 07

LPM attends the the 7th edition of roBOt festival, international event dedicated to digital art and electronic music which takes place each autumn in the city of Bologna.


Moderat / Ricardo Villalobos / James Holden / Jon Hopkins / Moodymann / Mathew Jonson / Apparat / Gold Panda / Actress / Factory Floor / Jackmaster / Craig Richards / Martyn / Legowelt  / Luke Abbott / Sons of Magdalene /Populous / FaltyDL / Lawrence / Official / Roly Porter / Wife / Copeland / Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit / Torn Hawk / LONE. / James Ferraro / Valentin Stip / Fort Romeau / Godblesscomputers / Go Dugong / Dorian Concept / K-Conjog / Livity Sound Live / JOLLY MARE / CLAP RULES / Deejay Marfox / Memoryman aka Uovo / Vaghe Stelle /  Christian Löffler / Dark Sky and many more…

Special A/V projects:
Quiet Ensemble / Antonello Ghezzi / Jonathan Monaghan / Icaro Zorbar / Mattia Casalegno

LPM will actively participate to the night program by presenting a live video mapping on Palazzo Re Enzo  facade, on Friday 3rdOctober, by Ricardo Cancado aka Vj Eletroiman.
Eletroiman is the winner of Mapping Festival VJ Contest 2014 and 9 times winner of VJ Torna during LPM Cape Town 2014, LPM Rome 2013, LPM Mexico 2013, LPM Rome 2012 , LPM Rome 2011. He’s also the organizer Visual Brasil Festival and the founder of Hybrid Project 

VJ Eletroiman represents Corisco, Oxossi and Macunaíma, characters of Brazilian culture that claim for political resistance and a constant discussion of a Brazilian identity.The objective of this project is to rethinking the video from its conjugation with other techniques. This idea of convergence allows a dialogue between various techniques, composing a hybrid language that is being developed from the beginning of 2003.

#LOSTMEMORIES is the payoff of the edition: thanks to the new technologies, the process of construction of memory – always centered on the activities of learning, developing and forgetting – enriches and produces hybrid forms of digital storage, where the boundaries between public and private are blurred and where technology and social practices are dynamically and reciprocally connected. However, the “dark side” of Internet needs to be considered when it affects the ability of memory to act as a bridge between past and present, it shapes individual identity or it strengthens social cohesion within a community.

The 2014 edition of roBOt Festival distinguishes itself with structural news concerning locations. The town clubs that hosted the night events of the festival during the weekend are giving way to a new and stand-alone space, which is important for its dimensions and characteristics, and will be supplied by BolognaFiere, one of the main European fair organizers.

As always, the diurnal base will be located in the historical centre of the city, in Palazzo Re Enzo; while MAMbo, after last year’s fortunate intuition, confirms and increases its contribution to the festival: it will host the activities promoted during the artistic residency of Icaro Zorbar, and will once again be the ideal location for roBOt Kids, the laboratory dedicated to kids, realized with MAMbo’s Educational Department, supported by the Del Monte Foundation which has believed in the value of the project since last year’s edition.

info, full program and tickets

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LPM 2015 @ Eleva Festival

LPM participates to the second edition of Eleva Festival – Advanced Music Meetings, a series of events which will take place in different locations from 13 to 20 September.

The aim of Eleva is to offer a program of electronic music, workshops and visual contents in evocative and suggestive locations. The program foresees a series of 4 Meetings, in which music,art and a visual contest will be combined under the ideals of change, progress, rise as the claim of this edition.
See the full program here

LPM is the promoter of the Visual Art Contest “CMYK”, the first contest associated to the festival. CMYK is a different way of seeing reality, a point of view which is less detailed but more realistic and tangible, to represent what surrounds us. The prizes for the winners are a TEXT MACHINE 3D software license and the chance to perform live in one of the two main stages during the inaugural night of the Festival on September 13. All the projects will still be together in an exhibition held at the International Centre Malaguzzi on September 20.

Participation to the contest is free. The deadline to send the works is September 7.
See the full guideline to participate here
Info and tickets:

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LPM 2015 Rome | Live Cinema Festival 2014

The first edition of Live Cinema Festival takes place in Rome from September 17th to 20th, 2014 in the spaces of Teatro Quarticciolo.

Live Cinema Festival is a live performing exhibition that explores and promotes all the artistic trends whom is attributed the term “Live Cinema”, with performances by artists from Italy, Germany, England, Holland, Poland and Belarus, which have made this narrative technique their stylistic code.

“Live Cinema” means an experimental narrative technique, applied to performative video, which gives rise to the simultaneous creation of sound and images in real time, in which the traditional standards of narrative cinema, represented by the subjectivity of the camera, is expanded into a broader conception.

“Cinema” is understood as the act of simultaneously create images and sounds that interact with each other and take shape in a synaesthetic approach that results in audio-video performance realized in real-time, in which the viewer’s perception is in constant tension between experimentation and re-enactment.

The performances proposed in this first edition of Live Cinema Festival tend to explore issues related to social and new media, but also to more introspective concepts emerging on the screen in a new light, enriched by new languages ​​and new meanings.

Live Cinema Festival is selected as project of the “Estate Romana 2014″ funded from Rome government which, through the exhibition of 8 artists,  aims to exploit one of the outlying areas of the city, which, thanks to a program that combines emerging and known artists, could become a new center of cultural aggregation.

Live Cinema Festival is a cultural and artistic project, promoted by Flyer communication in co-production with LPM – Live Performers Meeting,, Linux Club, Free Hardware Foundation and Improvearts in collaboration with SIAE ed ACEA with the support of Comune di Roma and approved by AVnode.

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LPM 2015 @ Free Field Fest

Stirpe999 e Truckstop76th, in collaborazione con LPM , presentano Free Field Fest, quattro giorni di musica elettronica con artisti internazionali, all’interno della riserva naturale del lago del Turano.


Nato dalle ceneri di Electrode ed arrivato alla seconda edizione, il Free Field Fest si propone come un festival innovativo, vicino a concept nord europei, per la sensibilizzazione al rispetto della natura, per l’originalità e l’alta qualità della proposta musicale.

LPM partecipa attivamente a questa seconda edizione di Free Field Fest, curando interamente i Visual del Main Stage.

La notte d’apertura di Giovedì sarà animata da Rexistenz e Raw Waxes, un mutant dancefloor tra sonorità: i.d.m, experimental,  electro, bass music & techno.

Come per la precedente edizione, la serata del venerdì sarà a cura di STIRPE999, che propone una notte dalle tonalità scure, sperimentali ed industriali: oltre agli immancabili Rephlex (Leo Anibaldi e Mike Dred, in rappresentanza della legendaria label R&S), sul palco si avvicenderanno progetti storici della scena internazionale e nostrana (Somatic Responses, Fire at Work, Marco Micheli, Dany Angelelli) e alcune giovani e brillanti realtà come Korova e MRZV e, per la prima volta in Italia, Ruby My Dear della scuderia Ad Noiseam, il più interessante artista braindance-breakcore-idm del momento.

Si prosegue con un Sabato techno electro powered by Truckstop76th, con le leggende techno Anthony Rother e Arnaud Rebotini, che si cimenteranno in una live battle, a bordo di astronavi analogiche a sintesi nucleare. In console anche Franz & Shape, Ice One, Mr3P, Cromedrop, Superman, Katsu Arai e Vanda Bannetti da Minimal Rome.

Per chiudere la due giorni, un main stage tutto al femminile curato da Miss Loony (MissAntropeakPj/Electrode): tra le guest l’olandese Fraulein Z. (Herr Zimmerman Rec.), Liza Filthit (Dark Enemies) e le nostrane Psy Locke, Violet Mokey, Marta Vagante e Lady Maru.

Free Field Fest è innovazione e consapevolezza, apertura alla sperimentazione e alla contaminazione, un momento in cui gli artisti possono proporre contenuti propri, in base ai loro percorsi professionali che oramai fanno parte della tradizione elettronica Romana, ma con un occhio sempre attento alla scena internazionale, in cui sono presenti da anni.
– – – -


Giovedì 31 Luglio 

Aperitivo – Cena h. 20.00

2nd Stage | Line Up | h. 20.00

REXISTENZ (Manual Destruction/ Hyena / Mbst8 / Opser)


- – – -

Venerdì 1 Agosto 

Main Stage | Line Up | h. 18.00 – 09.00 

MIKE DRED (Rephlex rec. – R&S / UK)

SOMATIC RESPONSES (Hymen – Ad noiseam / UK)

RUBY MY DEAR (Ad noiseam / Fr)

FIRE AT WORK (Stirpe999 – Idroscalo / ITA)

LEO ANIBALDI (Rephlex rec. – Cannibald / ITA)

DANY ANGELELLI (Cannibald – Analog Dust / ITA)

KOROVA (Shades – Raw Waxes / ITA)

MRZV (Stirpe999 / ITA)


Main Stage | Visual a cura di LPM



2nd Stage | Line Up | opening 14.30 

JOP REC. (Fernando Poo)

- – – -

Sabato 2 Agosto 

Main Stage | Line Up | h. 18.00 – 09.00

ARNAUD REBOTINI (Citizen rec. / FR)

BANDA BANETTI (Minimal Rome / ITA)

FRANZ & SHAPE (Bang Gang – Truckstop76th / ITA)

ICE ONE (Truckstop76th / ITA)

KATSU ARAI (Plus rec. / JP)

Mr.3P (Truckstop76th / ITA)

TIBURON (Cromedrop / ITA)

MUTTLEY (Cromedrop / ITA)

SUPERMAN (Pocket Panther / ITA)

KONIK POLNY ( Jop rec )

Main Stage | Visual a cura di LPM

FLxER Team (LPM Live Performers Meeting)

2nd Stage  | Line Up | opening 14.30 

THE ZONE REC. (Matt – Lius)

NO SENSE OF PLACE (Dj Kilfa / Un: code)

- – – – – -

Domenica 3 Agosto 

Main Stage | Line Up | h. 18.00 – 09.00 

Fraulein Z. (Herr Zimmerman / NL)

Liza Filthit (L.D.M – DarkEnemies / GE)

Marta Vagante (LaRoboterie / ITA)

Miss Loony (MissAnthRoPeakpj / ITA)

Violet Monkey

Main Stage | Visual a cura di LPM


2nd Stage | Line Up | opening 14.30

PETITE MORTE MUSIQUE ( Border wave / Frank Starr – Toky)

KAIJU (J-Frank / Inicola Bug / Ubik)

AC-IN REC. (Low Killa)

- – – – -

COME RAGGIUNGERCI (40 min. da Roma):
>> uscita A- 24 Carsoli-Oricola direzione Lago del Turano
Agriturismo Ferramosca

BIGLIETTI: Biglietto unico acquistabile all’ingresso, prezzo € 20,00


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LPM 2014 Rome | Notte Bianca della Sapienza

On June 13th takes place the seventh edition of Notte Bianca della Sapienza, produced and organized by the Collectives and the Assembly of  Sapienza University Students, to offer a long night full of experimentation and independent cultural production.

In the last edition, more than 10.000 people went through the streets of the campus. This year, the event will be focus on “crossing boundaries”: precarious employment, fierce individualism, lack of welfare and a university reduced to rubble by the latest reforms responding to the logic of privatization and less a place to meet and socialize, sharing and production of critical knowledge.

Debates, music, theater, exhibitions, projections and many artists, which, starting from 20.00 pm, will perform in the yards of Sapienza University, to support – for free – the legal costs of complaints and criminal proceedings which have been severely affected students in the past years.

LPM is actively participating in the event with the visual content of the stages, set up in the yards of Minerva and Physics, with the live set of FLxER Team, Cool79 (Flxer Team) Kanaka Project, VideosolidFusolab VjSchool and by presenting 2 interactive video performance: Gravity and Mapping Gaming.

Live Video Performances:
Visual Line up Physics Stage: Cool79 (FLxER Team) + Fusolab VJ School
Visual Line up Minerva Stage: Kanaka Project – Videosolid – Flxer Team – Fusolab VjSchool 

Interactive video performances:
by Ctrl Alt Lab
Gravity is an itinerant art project of interactive visual-art, departing from Naples, developing in different cities in Italy and abroad and ending at LPM Eindhoven. This project is produced and realized by Ctrlaltlab and will be part of the official program LPM: the last stage will take place in Eindhoven, where the journey will be represented through a showcase and a final performance.

Mapping Gaming: THE PINBALL
by FLxER Team + CtrlAltLab
Installation of a mapping interactive video game, which will allow the public to interact and create the atmosphere of the game and sharing, projected on a big surface.


Notte Bianca Sapienza Full Program:


FB Event:

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LPM 2014 EindhovenLPM 2014 Eindhoven

Here we go!
The fifteenth edition of LPM Live Performers Meeting begins on June 26, 2014 in Eindhoven – Netherlands, in the spaces of LAB-1, an incubator and meeting place, an open museum as well as a stage for live music, expos, visuals, young creative, artists and alternative culture.

The website of LPM XV Edition is now on-line and, starting from today  (March, 28) THE CALL FOR WORKS IS OPEN!

Send us your best project or performance and come join the most important event on LIVE VIDEO worldwide and celebrate with us the 10th year of the Meeting!

We are looking for:

  • AV Performance
  • Workshop
  • VJ Set *
  • Live mapping *
  • Project showcase
  • Video Installation

* The performances in this category will be included exclusively in the program of theVJ Torna Eindhoven, international contest with prizes awarded in 3 categories.

The registration form is only available on-line and the subscriptions will be accepted until April 21, 2014

If you wish to participate to the Meeting, but you don’t want to performsubscribe anyway as you will have an incredible opportunity to meet hundreds of live video artists, experts and practitioners, so to further your knowledge of the hottest topics related to live video performance!

The aim of LPM is to promote and diffuse the free circulation of ideas, knowledge, techniques and languages related to LIVE VIDEO practice, which will be the main focus of the Meeting. 3 days in which there will be a spectacular, innovative and engaging program, that you too can help make unique.

Languages, techniques, cultural derives, innovative technologies: these are the themes that we want to discuss during our seminars and workshops. Send us your proposal for a talk, a presentation or a workshop and help us spreading knowledge!

Look at the gallery of the latest edition:

The video report of Cape Town edition is available at:

Be up to date on LPM news and follow us on:

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LPM 2014 Bari | Visivi

LPM participates to the first edition of VISIVI – Comunicare con le arti visive”,  project related to deepening the artistic and technological development of visual arts world, in particular of the techniques related to videomapping, generative graphics, digital and interactive art .

ViSiVi is an in-depth study of the artistic work and technological development related to the world of visual arts. LPM participates in the seminar with a presentation of  Gianluca del Gobbo on “Networking and Video Performers“: LPM and AVNode as models of networking for all players and artists dealing with issues related to the performative video, in national and international contexts.

Info e program
Fb event:

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