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LPM 2014 @ Teatro Valle

Il Teatro Valle presents “La Nave Scuola”, a project that has the aim to create a platform for lifelong learning, promoting the role of creative workers, interplay between theoretical knowledge and the practical-experiential, protect crafts and knowledge of the theater craft at risk of extinction, by promoting the development and transmission to new generations.

4 issues dealt: Macchinisteria Theatre, Phonics, Theatrical Lighting, videomapping and NewMedia

LPM and FLxER participating in the project, during the days dedicated to ‘Artvismo technology: poor approach to digital technologies for the theater”, February 17 – 19

La Nave Scuola
17-19 febbraio
Teatro Valle Occupato
Via del Teatro Valle 23, Roma
Info and full programme:

February 17

h. 10.00
Theory and practice of technology and software for the design and implementation of Video Mapping performance: distortions in projection on a plane surface in arbitrary position and projection of a three-dimensional surface composed .
Creating and Using ” Video Masks ” in the main VJ software.
Creation of the mapping of a flat surface and a surface of a complex .

h. 14:00 to 19:00
Introduction to new technologies applied to the theater.
Video projections in theater : tools, formats, resolutions , names of devices , cables , systems, practical application.
Video conferencing on Skype and Hangout .
Introduction to Isadora software .
Videomapping by Gianluca del Gobbo

February 18

h. 10.00
Creating video content tailored to specific types of mapping .
Multiprojections , soft edging , video servers .

h 11:00 to 21:00
Streaming: practical tests.
Videomapping Tutorials

February 19

h 10.00
Approach to three-dimensional real and simulated . Realization of video content in real time ( generative software).

12.00 – 21-00

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LPM 2013 Wien | June 21 Playground AV Festival

We are ready for a preview of LPM 2013 Cape Town, this time in Wien with Playground AV Festival, after the successful launch of Playground AV Tour and Playground AV Festival on April 20th 2013 at Club Sakog.

Friday 21 June – Tour Stop – Wien
Zip Code 1160
Start: from 16:00 June 21st until 06:00 June 22nd

Live visuals / AV acts / DJ sets / Performances

VJ Granda / Tim Vis / Sleeping Beauty / VJ LED / Eric Fischer / 3 volt / Ornella / Max Schell / Sebastian Schlachter / Anthony Roachman / THE PXLZ / Hand with Eye /

Patrick Testor / Max Schell / Cedric aka IncredibleCedsh / Katrin Orth / Dope Shit vs. Chasin. FutUrNuSkoOL / J / ZEMMLER [Performance] & 4youreye / Udo Kapeller /
NEONROST [Vienna] with performance by Madette Marmotte & Mr jump champion / Sebastian Danz /

J / ZEMMLER [Live Performance] & 4YOUREYE

Ornella /UTON Live / AV / Special Guest VJ: VJ CHUU

16:00 3D TEXT MACHINE – Workshop by Stefano Sartori
18:00 Resolume VJ Software – Workshop by Edwin de Koning / Resolume NL

More info on:

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LPM 2013 Formello | June 22-29 Video Routing Residency

LPM Live Performers Meeting presents the Video Routing Residency which will be held June 22 to 29 at Palazzo Chigi in Formello (Rm), new cultural center of the city, now the Museum of Agro Veientano and the Public Library.

10 artists, video performers and experts in the field of live video and new technologies for art, from the national and international scene, will work together to develop the prototype of a Routing System that can handle video in real-time multiple video inputs HD on many HD video outputs:
Mauro Ferrario (IT), Nikky (IT), Bruce Lane (FR), n0syntaX (IT), Mario Guida (IT), Tim Vis (DE), CtrlAltLab (IT), EccKer (MEX), Thomas Sanchez (MEX), Emanuele Foti (IT).

For the duration of the residence, participants will be accommodated in the new Hostel inside the Palace and will have the opportunity to develop ideas, exchange experiences and share content.

On June 29, at 22:00, in the Cloister of Palazzo Chigi, after a short presentation, you can watch the end result of this artistic research that will give visibility to the path by a spectacular performance Audio Video Live on 3 screens.
Introducing Gianluca Del Gobbo, organizer and creator of the Live Performers Meeting and Carlo Infante, journalist, lecturer and expert in performing media.

The artistic residency of LPM 2013 is produced with the assistance of the Province of Rome and the collaboration of the City of Formello.

To participate, you need some of these skills:
Knowledge of Video Cards and video chipset both in terms of view of software and hardware, C + +, OpenFrameworks; Electronics, frame memories, signal handling.

To the participants will be offered travel, food and accommodation and is provided the purchase of necessary hardware.

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LPM at CCP Italy infoday

The Cultural Contact Point – ITALY CCP is the official contact point for the Italian Culture Programme 2007-13 and is part of a network of 37 countries coordinated by DG Education and Culture of the European Union and by the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA).

Established in 2009 by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, deals with promotion and distribution of the Programme at national level. The CCP ITALY grants access to the Culture Programme, providing free assistance to all potential beneficiaries.

The last infoday of the Cultural Contact Point-CCP Italy about the Culture Programme will be held in Rome on March 25 at 11 am, at Sala Convegni Santa Marta of MiBAC  and will be dedicated to cultural cooperation with Canada and Australia (strand 1.3.5).

The event is open to all cultural operators, private and public, in particular, to those who are writing a project in cooperation with Canada and Australia.

Cultural cooperation, audience development, strand 1.3.5, analysis of the form and budget form, Creative Europe are the topics of the agenda that will be presented by Leila Nista, Marcia Cristina Santone and Lacagnina CCP Italy.

The Live Performers Meeting that since 2011 has become one of the most important cultural projects of the European Community, has been involved in the activities of the event of the CCP.

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Kick-off meeting for Culture programme cooperation projects

EACEA and the Commission is organising a kick-off meeting for projects selected under the cooperation projects strands of the Culture programme (multiannual cooperation projects, cooperation measures and third countries projects).

The purpose is to give project coordinators detailed information on administrative and financial aspects of managing their projects. It is also an opportunity to meet EACEA staff and to network with other project coordinators (challenges in project management, exchange of good practice).

The meeting will take place on 15 October 2012 in Brussels. Participants are also invited to attend the conference “European Audiences: 2020 and beyond” organised by the European Commission.

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LPM 2011 MINSK – Live Performers Meeting

The tenth edition of LPM – Live Performers Meeting, kicks off on 22nd of september in MInsk, Belarus.

The last edition in Rome (19 – 22 may 2011) registered 484 artists from all over the world and 241 works among performances, installations, workshops and showcases.

This special edition abroad is possible thanks to the contribution of the European Union and the cooperation with our international partner: Cinetrip / Vj Torna – Budapest, and Les Reseaux De La Creation / Vision’R – Paris.
The four days will focus on specific research areas, on which the participants in the meeting are called to express:

Generative art and software art,

Representation of identities and sexual genders,

Contamination of visual languages,

Video mapping and 3D,

Digital Freedom and information domain,

Digital technologies and urban action.

Soon more details about the location.

More infos and frequent updates about the meeting, on the LPM  webiste and on Facebook and Twitter LPM profile.

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LoopArt Contest LPM 2010

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Resolume & Modul8 licenses.

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YouLoop #1 | Picture report

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YouLoop #1 | Stark Fashion Week Berlin

18.21 July 2008 – Berlin

Kopenhagenerstrasse 56-58 main entrance Sonnenburgerstrasse 73

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YouLoop #1 is the first LoopArt exhibition.

Loop Art is vjing and Visual Live performance, a mix of digital world, graphics, coding, generative art, illustration, video, 3D, consisting of 9 video loops from 9 different artists from the international video-art and vj scene.

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